Keeping proper financial records is time-intensive and small mistakes can be costly. We ensure your numbers are 100% accurate so you can focus on growing your business.

With our advanced in-built customized processes and software always be aware of your liabilities, never face a situation of cash crunch and ensure you have sufficient funds to cover your future liabilities before making new investment decisions


Never lose your money from your customer – our in-built customized trade receivable processes ensures you always raise billing and collect payment for your merchandise/services. We backtrace billing with labor hours and inventory to ensure 100% billing and collection efficiency

Focus On What You Do Best

You’re a small business owner with a long list of things to do. With us, you can take bookkeeping, trade payable management, trade receivable management, payroll, and related tax filing off of your to-do list permanently.

We Engage, Discuss and Set-Up

What we are offering you is a customizable service – we engage to understand your business, discuss your requirement and services required and yes, we customize our services to ensure you get what you need

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Without accurate financial information, it’s impossible to make smart business decisions. Additionally, mistakes can lead to IRS issues, overpayment on taxes, and difficulty in getting financing. We will provide you with the financial data you need in easy-to-understand reports.

Client Reviews

When our small company needed high-level finance expertise fast, Minus CFO helped us with our book-keeping, tax-filing and payroll. Rakshit is a super talented finance professional. Rakshit is very professional and eager to help. I highly recommend working with him.

Kathy Ade / United Construction Services LLC
I am so happy with Rakshit’s work! He was very responsive and open to any and all changes that needed to be made. He was professional and respectful and engaged in the tasks at hand. Will surely hire him again in the near future!
Sarah Collin / NGOs

Why Clients Love Our Book-Keeping Services

No More
Bookkeeping Stress

Keeping proper financial records is important, but it’s probably not your passion. Bookkeeping is a source of stress for most businesses. It’s time-consuming and small errors can be costly. With our services, bookkeeping is 100% stress-free.

Save Money

We offer customizable services and lever the use of technology to set up the right processes for each of our clients. We use the latest technology to streamline many common bookkeeping tasks. As a result, we can offer prices that are 10% to 20% lower than other bookkeeping services.

Clear, Useful Reports

We don’t just keep your financial data organized — we also help you use it. You also get easy-to-understand monthly reports that help you track the specific metrics that matter most to you. Interactive dashboards enable you to see the big picture at a glance. Cash flow forecasts empower you to plan for the future. And when you need compelling reports for investors or lenders, we’ve got your back.